So I feel I have to say this … and express my experience.  

I place 100 on the book of matthew cause I've failed to say what has happened.  Live Journal has failed to keep up with the times and I feel a scramble to get my thoughts of 10 yrs off this site before it folds.

So the bottom basement sale of my life…

Im in a hot yellow polo nd apparently mike and I can do better if we just wait a week and pit gap off at each other.  Seriously …be a man and act gay and tell them gap or express has this in another size or another color and they'll gay it up and agree and cut the cost.  Coarse where I live … ita second nature.  ( I think Mike and I are moving to NYC IN 12 months .. its getting boring here ) 

The biggest thing is we LIVE for the days our friends come and visit and … no offense its not enough so we need to move on along and forget them and extend invites to NYC which they cant pay for …. cause most of our friends struggle to make 800 in rent and Mike and I pull 1300 a month together and still have a better social life.  
You just have to pick what is important to you.  I wore my shirt tucked in ….in Louisville … and it was obvious they didnt do it.  Which was a surprise.  Louisville … and this pissed me off … Louisville told me … not to wear plaid.   PLAID!!???  Jesus …plaid is in every outfit … has been for the past 12 months.  You cant buy unplaid … oh … if your in apalachia you cn find unplaid.  I took issue and argued … in the future … I'll just be super city dweller and as Louisville plays its hot attempt to be anything better than … ( no offense but what everyone in the world moved away from … unless you moved away from less) so … lets do it again … and I'll let Louisville suck it up on fashion.  … Just like they listen with how disgusting Connection is … how boring it is with them doing rent in the big show number and how its so hard for me to bring friends home from Chicago to Louisville cause the drinks suck so bad … and the snazzy shitty dance floor is measured in yard sticks.