15:02 Sleep eludes…

Cant sleep. Maybe it is cause I got up at 3pm? 🙂 Anyhow…also prolly cause I am excited. Found a job listing for the City of Louisville currently hiring for a neighborhood dev. manager…nicely I was once the samething only an intern for thecity of Bowling Green. And all the other qualifications match up, so maybe oh maybe I can retire the Home Depot job and work in city hall representing the city to neighborhood groups. Its so much what I want…I am worried I might not get it. BUT…I am trying for it.

In the same way of the early 90s savings of loan bail out my father told me and lyza to tell him how much and he’d cover the shortfall. So….bounce….I am back up. But still needing to control speeding.

Well…thats all folks. Wish me luck.