15:7 Don’t Cry for me Louisville

So at 4 am I raced into Metro Louisville on Saturday morning blaring "Dont cry for me argentina"…a fitting song for my road trip….some notes.

1. No store…none, went as planned. Monday in Lexington I arrived and found that…they already did it…perfectly. My problem? What am I to do for 4 hours? Tuesday went to paducah to only realize after flustering the dept. head that I was in the wrong store…should have been 2.5 hours away in Owensboro…whom I called and they said…oh we cancelled. Wednesday I had no resets scheduled…but Bowling Green informed me they were doing it that night. Thursday I went to Marion, IL….and that store decided rather than doing it overnight….it would be over the next 6 days during the day??? Weird.

2. Single Smoking Queen. Got to Marion, IL…checked in….they asked my name I gave it…the guy looks up and says…."Single Smoking Queen?" I grined….and said…."Thats me!"

3. Passed the beloved Jefferson Davis Presidential Monument. lol….its half the size of washingtons….its concrete, in a corn field….and confederate. How lame.

4. Amish people are slow. Amish boys might not be.

5. For xmas people shall expect a gift basket…complete with…"Shampoo, Lotion, a ball point pen, and a bar of soap"….compliments of me….and the 4 Hampton Inn’s.

6. I emailed corporate and asked why the IRS standard mileage is 37.5 cents and they pay only 33 cents? Also…noting that the IRS hasnt updated it since 2003…and noting that the IRS hasnt suggested the mileage Marshall pays…since 2002. They responded back with "We are working on a response." Love it!

7. Bought a memory card for my PDA…planning to put a copy of all my forms for work, my manuals…continue using the schedule book and contacts…and throw away two bins of files in my car….hello people!! Its technology why dont we use it? Also suggesting Marshall look into it for everyone…and here is a novel idea. Rather than voice mail….email??? I mean Vmail is so so so 70s.

8. Elizabethtown Home Depot is Gayer than Boy George and Elton John doing broadway reproductions singing Barbara Striesand and Judy Garland melodies. Jesus. It became rather funny.

9. Stopped to visit Brandon in Nashville, note he has some CUTE friends.

10. I crossed state lines…6 times and put 1200 (oil change?) miles on my car…spent 500 dollars on hotels…and was upgraded from Silver VIP (sucker) to Gold VIP (big sucker) with Hampton Inn.