9:5 The Job

Welp its done. I chickened out when discussing salary…was hoping to talk them into 2000 more a year just to be fun…but they took my first number so I must be underpaid…lol. But I got the job. I fly out to Atlanta Monday and will spend 3 days there. Pack a big suitcase cause I […]


The quest for love is bumpy at best, and not all romances are meant to be. Even with the best of intentions, passion fizzles, the ties that bind unravel and the next thing you know, you’re eyeing the door. It happens. And while breaking up certainly is hard to do, it can be done with […]


So a new chapter to draw attention to the changes a foot. Boy and Job. Boy: Ron So he is the seventh boyfriend for me. He is a scorpio and I am a leo, water and fire. 🙂 An interesting mix aye? We seem to work really well together. Still havent spent a night apart […]

8:13 The Job

So…lots of change afoot. Ron and I are doing extremely well. While not admitting love, we both seem to agree that the idea of “at first sight” could be something. Havent spent a night apart and constantly throw text messages across to each other. I’ve memorized each feature of his face and body. We spend […]


So I walked outside today to find a funny note on my door. My ex-roommate accused me of playing games with his intentions to move out. I think he is allowing himself to much poetic license there. Everytime he has asked me to be here so he could get his stuff I have been here. […]