HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERRICK… so I wasn’t the first to say it this time…but maybe I’ll be the last one?  Which is better I wonder.  Hey all so a quick update on me… 1. I am all consumed on my 8 selling items on ebay trying to raise funds. 2. I applied for 9 jobs in […]

16.1 Death, Career, Home…the end nears

So an untraditional update.  A conversation….    This will be a time for me to look back and end the year 2004.  With it closes simultaneously many chapters of my real life. Protectingpyro:  hey Horizonmll:  hey there Protectingpyro:  how’s it going, stranger? Horizonmll:  its going…lol.  4 u? Protectingpyro:  I’m pretty darn good. Protectingpyro:  what are you […]

15:28 REcap

So Sunday…at this point I’ve been through it all.  Food poisioning had rocked the company party, found 2 other gay employees, learned the subway/L system like the back of my hand and hit the bars every night there except one night when I simply could do nothing but sleep.  We went and did the tourist […]