“Its always better to have bet on someone you loved rising above it and find you’re wrong than to bet on them disappointing you and see you’re right.” – Me

So I have to say that I’m pretty distressed in myself, but I at least know I gave it time and again the chance to be something I knew it was capable of … it’s been a horrible year of neglecting myself in the hopes someone else would see the attention and affection I showered on them. In the end it’s not changed my belief in love or others.

I’ll still have everything I used too but now I have my release from this feeling of sorrow. I honestly don’t think they’ll get along well without me but its not my job to shield and rescue anymore…

Six months from now I’ll be happier and better off, not regretting what I’ve done but knowing it wasn’t going to work now no matter what I did, hopefully they’ll be better too, even if they’ve disappointed in the past.

Its time to live and time to die.

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